Friday, September 26, 2008

Louisiana Lawmaker Proposes new version of Final Solution

In a brainstorming session, with generational welfare as the central topic, the 'Jessica Simpson' of the Louisiana legislature came up with a bone-headed idea that is eerily reminiscent of Hitler and eugenics. Rep. John LaBruzzo offered to the discussion a proposal to pay poor women $1000 to undergo tubal ligation. He used as a backdrop the 1000's of poor that were trapped in New Orleans for Katrina and those that were evacuated at public expense for Gustav. We saw those videos...he says poor, but he means black. In a video interview with CNN's Kyra Phillips, he can barely contain himself from referring to 'those people', these people' etc. Isn't he the representative of 'those people'? Kyra blows it out of the water when she gives the poverty statistics for Louisiana 17% with children and 23% without, which means the lawmakers should be focusing on the adult population. But why even go that far, poverty in Louisiana has been on the decline statewide. He also tries to deflect race as an issue during an interview with ABC News

but he is wrong again. From the same statistics quoted by Kyra Phillips the number of Blacks in poverty is 552,352 compared to 355,675 White ( It is this low-key seemingly innocent thought process that starts the ball rolling on the 'THEM - vs - US'. This is not happening here, but if it starts just becomes a matter of time. To quote our next First Lady "wake up Black People"

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Immorality Finds a Home on the Internet

That doesn't sound like anything new. With the prevalence of pornography, online predators, all manner of thievery that takes place online, what more could possibly be added... Well thanks to a new website, you can arrange a liason with someone you are interested in...but that's not new either, what is new is that this new site is SPECIFICALLY for married people who want to find a discreet 'hook-up'. It touts no strings attached. In this time of an ignored AIDS epidemic and encroachments to the validity of what constitutes a consecrated union, we cannot allow further erosion of our values. If you stood on the altar, then you need to stay away from the website. I don't want to errantly entice any further business their way, so I wont mention the name here (those who WANT to find it , WILL). Honor your spouse, honor your vows, honor your God.

Coded Language Continues to Plague Election Campaign

The lessons to be learned in this years off the wall presidential campaign, is Learn English! This is not an anti immigration attack, or a push for higher education standards. It is the only way to garner the true meanings behind what certain candidates are ACTUALLY saying. Examples? Glad you asked....McCain speaks to certain areas about how he wants to have programs that keep 'deserving' homeowners in their economically challeged homes. But that presents a bit of a problem...if the people he is referring to are 'deserving' then it is unlikely that they would be facing foreclosure. 'Deserving' either has an alternative meaning, or means no one at all. Today he stated that his economic programs would 'target' the middle class. Well, his previous plan 'targeted' the middle class in a round-a-bout way. He continues to believe that if you let the richest Americans keep more of THEIR money, they will graciously use that money to create more jobs... My limited middle-class mind is trying to put this in simpler terms...If I suddenly was able to get back 5% of what I pay in taxes, would I use that money to help a brotha out? I'm not self-centered, but I would more likely be laughing to the bank, and frankly I don't see how a large corporation wouldn't say thanks and keep it moving. Bottom line is, in order to make an informed decision, you need to be truthfully informed. From any politician, thats virtually impossible.

SI Advance Wedding Photos

Almost 5 years now since I married the most beautiful woman in the world... Yeah we did the fairytale wedding, the limos, the Old Bermuda Inn, and hired a wedding planner, professional photographer , and videographer. This is nothing new to some people, and over the top to others. Bottom line we spent more than we intended, but were more than satisfied with the results. That said, what is with the title of this piece? When we were married we were the only Black couple presented in the Advance. Random checks of late have produced similar results. The point? why don't we post our happiest days moment more often. Don't get me wrong, its not an easy process, there are a few hoops and specific deadlines that have to be met, but it is not impossible. I hear the detractors already....why does it matter? It matters because the advance is read in many households on Staten Island, households with children...When the children see black faces in cuffs, and white faces in wedding photos, it sends a message. It is obviously not a pretty message. Admittedly, I don't know of many recent Black marriages, but there must have been some. I encourage every wedding party, regardless of size, location, and level of expense; take the time to make an effort to submit your photos and bios to the Advance. Not to promote the newspaper, but to let our children know that we still find love in the midst of the storm.