Friday, May 29, 2009

Cop(White) on Cop(Black) Shooting is no surprise

Tradgedy? Accident? Unintended consequence? None, not one of these words can or ever will comfort the family of Omar Edwards. It doesn't matter that the details (likely to be formulated in a lawyer's office) are not out yet. The end result is the same. In my view it would be the same level of shock, if it were any other race of officer, and even if the deceased wasn't law enforcement. The facts to date sppeak volumes to the value of an African-American's life on the streets of NY. Omar Edwards was shot by a pursuing officer without provocation. Mr. Edwards never fired a shot. The pursuing officer may have thought he was saving a citizen when he fired the first two shots. He likely thought, "hey, I'm doing my job". As he fired the next two shots he likely thought to himself, "this dirtbag doesn't deserve to live". Then the euphoria hit, as he thought about the speech he would give as he accepted the key to the city from the mayor. He thought about how much "trauma" time he could squeeze out of this "incident". Now his thoughts rest on saving his job, his career, his respect in his community. Whether he knows it or not, all of those things are gone, they were actually gone before he pulled the trigger, the shooting just brings it all to the surface so that everyone knows. It doesn't matter how many Black friends he has, his thought was not that Omar might be family to one of them. We can all guess how the story will go...There will be some BS story about how Omar didn't obey commands, or about how he turned and leveled his firearm at the pursuing officer (the way he would be trained to do by the way). In the end, there will be another, and another, and another....what needs to change is not the number of Blacks in prison or on drugs. What needs to change is not how many young black men will see prison walls before they have the opportunity to see university walls. What needs to change is how THEY (and sometimes WE) VIEW US. This is a view that transcends fishing trips with your Black friends, attending the wedding of a Black co-worker, or even dating a Black person. None of these things change INHERENT racial bias steeped in history and sub-consciously taught in schools, in homes, and even in our houses of worship. The meat of this issue is that it really is a learned behavior, the disdain for another race, it is as taught as naming animals and colors. The best part about the new generation with their baggy clothes and technology savvy, is that they see less color than we do. The worst thing is that their parents will break them of that color-blind trust.

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I try not to edit posts once they are up, but exception becomes the rule when I get angry. Those who know me, truly know me, also know that it takes a lot to get me riled.

The following developments have transpired since my original post:

Don Lemon of CNN interviewed a former DC police officer with regard to the case. The interviewee immediately began defending the racial component of the story, (without being asked), and went so far as to say what Omar Edwards probably did wrong. He added insult to injury as he emphatically stated that the officer who shot Edwards did identify himself. This is significant because to date, the shooter has given no official statement. NYPD is in full damage control mode. Click HERE to see transcript of Don Lemon interview with CNN Security Analyst Mike Brooks. He also makes the allegation that the pursuing officer shot only after Omar Edwards turned toward him. This lie is significant because today the medical examiner released the fact that Officer Edwards was shot in the back, and that the bullet went through to his chest. All news reports, including a video conference by Commisioner Ray Kelly have reported that Officer Edwards was struck in the chest. Those are the developments so far, I allow you to make your own jdgement...but you already know what I think.

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