Wednesday, July 8, 2009

There's nothing I like more than "HONEST" Racism

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Yeah that honest racism is just so refreshing. I'm tired of people trying to hide how they really feel. Why lie? If you really can't stand to be around other races, at least be up front with it. I believe a special award should go to the Valley Swim Club in Philly. They were upfront about their racist views... too many black kids in the pool will change the complexion of the club. Some guests snatched their precious unexposed white children out of that horrific environment of black kids having fun. The club officially came to the aid of thier white patrons and threw the kids out, even though they had paid $1900.00 for the "exclusive" privelege of using the pool. Their money was refunded and they were told (paraphrasing) that they were no longer welcome. 1950? no, 1960? no 2009!

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SINYPCRX said...

Well that didn't take long... On July 8th I sent the folllowing email to the Valley Swim Club;

"I was appalled to read the story of the children booted from your facilities. It is my sincere hope that exclusion is not a part of your policy. At this point in time, this story is steadily gaining more and more national attention. It is, in my opinion, in your best interest to make ammends rapidly before the media circus begins to engulf your facility and people make up their own minds about your facility and its' membership."

Today there is news that the Valley Swim Club is actively seeking resolution with the day camp. Smart move, but likely the damage is done...