Monday, October 19, 2009

Come Correct or Stay Home or go Elsewhere...

but not to Morehouse College. The Historically Black College has banned urban gear from students on campus. No not NorthFace jackets, I'm talking about grills (fronts), saggy/baggy pants that expose underwear, and a concise list of other fashion backward stylings that our children think is cool to wear. Frankly, I agree, not because I despise the way our children present themselves at times, but this is Morehouse. If they institute a uniform policy, students would have to conform or go elsewhere. This is nothing new or unheard of. The uproar over what is worn on "free" time is irrelevant as well, especially if that free time is spent in any campus building or on campus grounds. One might think that this "culture" would not have even invaded the hallowed halls of such a historically rich college, but they obviously have. What you decide ully wear when you graduate, or as you enter the corporate world IS your business, what you wear on the same ground that Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. walked on is Morehouse's business, and rightf

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